Four Single Bedrooms

  • ​Durham
  • Henley
  • Winchester
  • Texas

​   Two Double Bedrooms

  • Liverpool 
  • ​Sunderland 



   Home-cooked meals

​   Highly trained caregivers

   ​Laundry carefully & professionally done

   Medication supervision 

   ​Music therapy - Andy is a great piano player!

​   Activities tailored to personal interests of the residents

   ​Joyful interaction between caregivers and residents

​​   Professionally run by "hands-on" owners who live on premise


​​​​​​Timber Rock House

​​​We believe in treating residents and team members with respect while providing professional care to our residents, punctuated with love and compassion; and always preserving the dignity of each and every resident.


License Applied for and Pending with Texas Health & Human Services 

   Three Accessible Bathrooms

  • ​Kings Cross
  • Paddington
  • Waterloo

​   Screened porch

​   Covered Patio

   Spacious grounds

​​ Coming soon - extended patio